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The difference of Backstage academy from other academies is our teaching method. We aim to provide one-to-one targeted education,it means no students are left out from the syllabus. Normally, we are most afraid of the future when it comes to higher education, and it is also the worry of our parents. In order for students to familiar with the outside world after they graduated, during the learning process, the academy will have different types of extra curricular show (fashion show, photoshoot, drama, stage, ...), also known as internship during the study. This is to provide opportunities to know the direction they want in the future during the process of studying, instead of internship after they finish the study. This will also improve students' self-confidence, quality and adaptability in advance. Backstage Academy also has a joint education with Taiwan University. Every student must go to Taiwan for further studies to let them know the latest development and technical scope of local and foreign countries. Through the curriculum planning of Taiwan universities, it can let students know that every second counts when studying abroad. Therefore, understand their own problems, improve their overall technology, break their own comfort zone are criteria when studying in Taiwan. After done the short term course in Taiwan, they will bring these learning spirits back to Malaysia and be a unique one.

Backstage academy 与其他学院不一样的是教法是针对性教育,让你学到会为止! 而且我們讀書最怕是以后的出路,也是父母最擔心的, 所以在学习其間,我们学院为了让学生以后出了社会对外界不感到陌生,在学习过程,学校会有不同的类型的show (fashion show,photoshoot,drama,stage ,....)让学生学习事先了解自己以后想要的出路...而不是读完才Intern...這樣也能事先提升学生的自信,素质,应变能力。 而backstage 也是和台湾大学有连办教育,每个学生必去台湾进修,让他们知道本地和国外的最先发展和技术范围,透过台湾的大学的课程策划让学生们知道在国外的学习是分秒必争,了解自己的本身问题,让学生们飞跃的进步自己整体技术,打破自己的舒适圈,和国内不一样,可以让他们把这些的学习精神带回马来西亚,做独特的自己!

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