With the ever-developing fashion, makeup has won a vital role in people's pursuit of new "beauty". Not only is our school formed by a team of professional practitioners, but we are also guided by efficiency and runs a systematic curriculum, all to nurture our students to become first-class beautician. Backstage Academy beams with our forte, attracting attention with our school philosophy, excellent campus culture, strong faculty, and outstanding school management and syllabus. With the constant knowledge and technique upgrade, our teachers assist students in mastering valuable and up-to-date skills with advanced technologies. Students learn to fully equip themselves with technology, continuously improve people skills, and adopt practical teaching methods. Most importantly, we provide students with professional skills during on-site training, upping their employability after graduation; taking their talent, client-servicing skills, and income to another level.

随着时尚潮流的发展以及人们对新的“美”的追求,化妝已成为时尚潮流不可逆转的趋势。我院不仅拥有现场实务的教授团队,此外,为了让每一位学员都能成为一流的美容师,我院还会提供高效,体系化的实务教学。Backstage Academy正以先进的办学理念、优秀的校园文化、全新的管理模式、良好的教学环境、雄厚的师资力量、卓越的办学特色而引人瞩目。 我們的老師都會不断增加并更新教学知识,让每一位學生可以掌握最流行、最先进、最实用的技术,并学会用技术全面武装自己;不断提升并完善学院技能,采用实战式教学方式,在学习中实习,实现毕业后轻松就业;我们以准职业人的标准对学员进行培训,从而实现人才升级、服务升级、财富升级的价值目标。

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