Backstage Academy has consistently adhered to one-to-one targeted teaching since it established to the present, and we also insist that students must have practical internship experience. We believe only sufficient practical experiences can help students know what to pay attention to when they come into contact with different types of makeup cases before they formally enter the working society, what kind of emergency situations will there be and how to come out with solutions. Some people will wonder why the courses are so detailed and so many syllabus. When we are outlining the syllabus in courses, we take into considerations of own experiences and the needs of customers in the market. We hope the skills and knowledges students receive will be most updated and close to market needs. As a result, in addition to makeup, our course also includes the overall image of clothing matching. Improving students' sensitivity to colors and clothing styles and how to match them with appropriate makeup. In this way, when students come out to look for job, the scope of work will be wider and more choices, hence bring more opportunities. The Taiwan twinning program mainly allows students to experience the trending culture and technical exchanges in different countries. Although they are all Asian countries, different cultural backgrounds are more able to come out different sparks in terms of technical exchanges. Our partner university in Taiwan has a good study environment, resources, and experienced teachers, which will definitely allow students to gain a full harvest of technology and creative inspiration. During their summer undies in Taiwan, they will have to leave the familiar environment for those who sooner begin their work in the society. In the new environment, students will also strengthen their independence and cooperation with each other, as well as the ability to cooperate with each other and to respond in a timely manner.

Backstage Academy从开办到至今都一致秉持一对一针对性教学,再来我们也坚持一定要让学生有实际的实习经验。只有实际的经验才能够帮助学生让他们在正式踏入社会前就知道在接触不同类型的化妆case时他们应该要注意什么 怎么安排 怎么处理 会有什么样的突发状况。有些人会问为什么课程分的这么细,学的东西那么多。我们在拍课程的时候都是因个人经验和现在社会的顾客们的需求而把课程内容排出,希望学生得到的教学都是最贴近现今需求的。也因为这样我们的课程除了妆发以外也包括了整体形象的服装搭配。提升学生对颜色和服装款式的敏感度从而怎么搭配合适的妆发。这样学生以后出来找工作,工作的范围才会大,选择性更多。 台湾twinning program最主要让学生体验和感受不同国家的trending文化和技术交流。虽然都是亚洲国家但是不同的文化背景更加能够在技术交流上擦出不一样的火花。我们在台湾的合作大学拥有很好的环境,资源,还有经验丰富的老师,绝对能够让学生在技术和创意灵感上有满满的收获。在慢慢开始要准备踏入社会的同学们,去台湾学习期间离开熟悉的环境,在新的环境中学生也加强他们独立和互相的合作以,互相配合还有临场应变的能力。

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